TV reporter mistakes will.i.am for Wyclef Jean at Obama party

Nov. 7, 2012 at 5:28 PM ET

The long and tiring campaign season catches up to many Americans by the time Election Day rolls around. TV news reporters are no exception to this.

One reporter out of Miami is probably wishing today that the Internet wasn't so quick to pick up on the mistakes of others. But that cat's out of the bag, so let's have some fun!

Gawker tips us to Blake Burman over at "camp Obama" on Tuesday night, where the reporter for Fox affiliate WSVN-7 had a little trouble putting a correct name to one famous face.

"Just giving you a little bit of what you see here," Burman says, nodding his head as the camera pans right to show two men talking. "That's Wyclef Jean, giving an interview."

Burman is then fed the man's real name from someone off camera, which he mishears and delivers to viewers. "Wahlay, excuse me, Wahlay. Got my artists mixed up."

About 30 seconds later it appears to dawn on Burman as he looks down, perhaps at an off-camera note, stops mid-sentence and says, "Will.i.am, good grief, man I am tired. It's will.i.am, I'm sorry I'm mixing up my artists here. But either way, you kinda get the idea."

So, it wasn't a good, good night for Burman and his Black Eyed Peas recall. At least the anchors back at the news desk were kind enough not to rub it in. We can't say the same for the Internet.

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