Celebrity Apprentice

Trump raves about Lisa Rinna's lips before he fires her

March 14, 2011 at 12:36 PM ET

Before Donald Trump gave Lisa Rinna the boot on Sunday night’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” he took a break from the boardroom action to complement the star on the results of her lip reduction surgery.

“By the way, I like Lisa’s lips much better now than I did a year ago,” Trump announced in the middle of project rundowns. “Does that make sense? You did something. There’s a little reduction there, right? You are so much more beautiful.”

A surprised and flattered Rinna thanked the boss, but the bigwig didn’t stop there.

“I think it looks fantastic,” Trump continued. “You know, it’s amazing. I see guys with tattoos — some of you have tattoos — what the f--- do they do it for?  And I see women ... the most important women you can imagine and they have lips pumped up like balloons, and I say, ‘What the f--- have you done?’ So, don’t do the lips. Don’t do the tattoos. You really look great. You know, I shouldn’t even be saying it. You look great.”

Just in case Rinna still didn’t understand what he was getting at, Trump added, “Don’t go back to the other crap.”

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