Dancing With the Stars

Travolta comes to Alley's rescue on 'Dancing'

April 19, 2011 at 10:44 AM ET

“Dancing With the Stars” former leading lady Kirstie Alley had something to prove on Monday night’s performance show — that she could get through an entire dance without a single fall or wardrobe flub.

After back-to-back mishaps over the last two weeks, Alley decided to turn to an expert other than pro partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy to help her stay on her feet. Enter “Dance Doctor” John Travolta. 

“Now there’ve been two problems,” the actor began. “I understand there’s been a fall, and there’s been a shoe minus a foot or a foot minus a shoe. First advice (to Maks), don’t drag her so long.”

With that out of the way, Travolta addressed the footwear foul-up, declaring Alley’s Manolo Blahniks “too fancy, too fragile” before directing her to a sneaker. “I suggest a high top,” he added.

The only other issue the past hoofer pointed out had to do with the lack of romantic action going on between Alley and Chmerkovskiy.

“That’s the problem,” Travolta joked. “The audience senses that. There’s romantic tension. OK, so why don’t you go off and do something about it and come back and see if there’s a difference.”

No word on whether or not Alley took that bit of tongue-in-cheek advice, but whatever she did, it worked. While her Monday night moves weren’t the best she’s shown over the course of the competition, they were largely flub free.

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