'Survivor' contestants forced to make weighty decisions

Oct. 6, 2011 at 9:42 AM ET

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Brandon Hantz in "Survivor: South Pacific"

On "Survivor: South Pacific," tree mail came with brand-new bathing suits and Stacey was voted out unanimously by her tribe, but it was a Hantz who once again drew the most attention both before and during Tribal Council.

Brandon believed Stacey's line about Brandon's alliance turning against him, and that made Brandon want to target Edna, who's also a member of Coach's alliance. Edna was previously shown being annoying and giggling annoyingly while walking on Coach's back, so she seemed like a perfect target. Coach told Brandon "stop it" repeatedly and then said, "this game is going to get so much crazier than this," and added that if Brandon was going to "believe someone who is on death row ... then you might as well throw in the towel right now."

Despite that apparent rift, the tribe -- including Brandon -- unanimously voted out Stacey. Coach suggested they all give her a hug but she wasn't having any of that, and slipped  around him, telling Probst, "It's not real" and "everything was a lie."

The episode's two challenges weren't the best ever -- one was a repeat and another was ridiculously simple -- but both were great fun to watch. Christine beat Papa Bear (ugh, that name!) in the duel by throwing bean bags onto small surfaces. And the immunity challenge relied on individuals to carry the whole tribe, so it highlighted strength and weaknesses, and thus was kind of more like an individual challenge for the six people selected to hold  weight literally on their shoulders.

Jim and Brandon created a new Survivor record by holding 240 pounds each, breaking Rupert and JT's record of 220 in the same challenge. Dawn, who earlier wondered to the camera, "Am I the Rudy of this tribe?" proved her worth and strength by holding 140

pounds longer than Stacey could. So, yeah, maybe she is the Rudy, although he did cry less than she does.

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