Stephen Colbert tells Jon Stewart, 'I've won television'

April 24, 2014 at 8:06 PM ET

The farewell tour has started. Stephen Colbert isn't leaving his "Colbert Report" show to take over for David Letterman just yet, but he's getting an early start on the goodbyes.

Colbert made a "surprise" visit to pal Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" Wednesday night, in character as his know-it-all talk-show host, and started prepping for his eventual farewell.

"Jon, I have some terrible news, you'd better sit down," he said. When told that Stewart was already seated, he asked, "Well, Jon, is there any way you can sit more?"

Colbert then delivered the news that he was ending his show — news Stewart already knew — and bragged that there was "no mountain left for me to climb. It's become clear to me that I've won television. ... At this point, I'm just running up the score."

Colbert continued with the back-patting, telling Stewart, "Almost nine years ago I promised to change the world, and together, I did it."

Colbert said he thought he might take on the life of a hobo. “Maybe ride the rails, live boxcar to boxcar, learn how to whip up a hearty stew from peanut shells and a stolen chicken.”

When Stewart suggested he look into the Letterman job, Colbert told him, “They already gave the part to some fat guy.”

Colbert then asked Stewart to give him a highlight reel, as “The Daily Show” had done for departing correspondent John Oliver, but it turned out he had brought his own. The clips showed Colbert with fake mustaches, facial hair, hats, and even a Hitler costume.

“Well, Jon, I’m really gonna miss me,” Colbert said before the two friends hugged.

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