'Star Trek's' George Takei to appear in Archie Comics' 'Kevin Keller'

Dec. 6, 2012 at 7:26 AM ET

AP Photo/Archie Comics /
Archie Comics' "Kevin Keller."

George Takei is officially getting animated with Archie. The popular "Star Trek" star will appear in Archie Comics' "Kevin Keller No. 6," which hit stores Wednesday.

In the issue, the openly gay Keller is a fan of Takei, which leads to George's appearance with his husband, Brad, in the comics, according to USA Today

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Takei came out as a gay man in 2005, and since then, he has become a huge advocate for gay rights.

The pop-culture fan favorite says he appreciates the concept behind Keller, who, although fictional, serves as a role model for kids and teens struggling with their sexuality. 

"It's reflecting the diversity of America, and embracing that diversity as a positive," Takei told USA Today of his comic appearance. "There I am not only as a gay man but as an Asian-American gay man and I'm idolized by Kevin. Him and his gang travel to a sci-fi convention. How much more American can you be?" 

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