'So You Think You Can Dance' first cuts: some go home, others go to the hospital

June 9, 2011 at 12:14 PM ET

It’s getting down to the wire on “So You Think You Can Dance.” The finalists are practicing, the judges are putting on their frowny faces, everyone is dreading the blood bath known as contemporary. This is always a little gut wrenching, so I hope you aren’t rooting for anyone in particular at this point. I always get a little excited about a dancer only to see them doing the walk of shame out of the theater, sobbing and blowing their nose into their tank top. It’s no fun for either one of us.

Our judges are Robin Antin, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, Tyce Diorio (Toasty!), Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. In three days, they will face five choreographed routines consisting of hip hop, Broadway, ballroom, a group dance and finally contemporary. Otherwise known as blood bath, but that doesn’t have a very nice ring to it.

Anyway, we get straight to business and see some solo dances.  Iveta Lukosiute of New York has been sent home twice before making the top 20. So, she decides to dress up as a naughty policewoman, intent on dragging Nigel to jail. She’s good. They’ve sent her home twice? Crazy!

Marlon Pelayo of Los Angeles is wearing a homemade unitard. I think the judges are having a hard time getting past the outfit. Actually, I’m having a hard time getting past the outfit. It’s uuuuugly. All I can see is weird little blobs and circles. Oh, Marlon, you don’t have to be wacky at this stage in the game.

Marlon is called to the stage, and surprise surprise, he’s getting cut. Debbie tells Marlon he needs to wear pants. Marlon is crushed. And mad. He was trying to be brave! Ugly clothing usually implies you have no taste, Marlon, but okay. Iveta is going to the next round.

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