Seth Rogen: I don't play a stoned moron in 'The Guilt Trip'

Dec. 18, 2012 at 10:18 AM ET

There's something different about Seth Rogen's part in the new mother-son comedy "The Guilt Trip" compared to his usual roles, and in a Tuesday morning appearance on TODAY, the actor revealed just what he thinks the big difference is.

"I don't play a stoned moron in this," said the man who made it big following his roles in "Knocked Up" and "Superbad". "I'm trying to branch out -- microscopically."

In "The Guilt Trip," Rogen branches out alongside stage and screen star Barbra Streisand. And while some actors might have been intimidated by her living legend status, Rogen wasn't.

"I respect her canon, but I wasn't like the biggest Barbara Streisand fan on Earth," he said.

In fact, his Streisand appreciation was pretty limited.

"I watched half of 'Funny Girl,'" he admitted.

But for "The Guilt Trip," Rogen didn't need to be a Streisand super fan. He just needed to feel like her son, and she made sure he did.

"She bought me socks and underwear from the Gap as a gift -- just like a real mother," he said with all the gratitude of any kid.

"The Guilt Trip" opens Dec. 19.

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