Reader to Demi: Ashton 'just another dumb man'

Feb. 3, 2012 at 11:54 AM ET

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Demi Moore

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1. On "Less is Moore: Leave Demi alone!"

Mary Plumley Kirkland: "He's just another dumb man. Get over it and get on with your life. Men will come and men will go and they will always do dumb man things! It's just a fact of life. George Carlin once said "Men are stupid and women are crazy, and the reason women are crazy is because men are stupid." He hit the nail on the head with that statement!" 

2. On "Sofia Vergara voted Most Desirable Woman of 2012"

Brenda McHale Wheeler: "I am straight, but let me tell you, I would totally jump in the lady pond for this girl! STUNNING BEAUTY AND FUNNY! What more could you ask for?"

3. On "Tired of the Kardashians? Resistance appears futile"

Deana Josefsson: "They are like a bad case of head lice. They just keep coming back and multiplying."

4. In "Don't pout over 'pregnancy face,' Jessica Simpson"

Juliana Mendrano: "She's not the only one that's pregnant. I'm 37 weeks and my pregnancy face or body is the least of my worries. It comes with the territory, Jessica. Deal with it.

5. On ''The Help' earns top honor at SAG Awards"

Darrel Hawkins: "Awesome cast and awesome movie. I watched it 4 times in 12 hours, will do it again Will know every line before long."

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