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Project Piggy: 'Runway' designers make Muppet-worthy gowns

Jan. 20, 2012 at 9:24 AM ET

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Miss Piggy gave the all-star designers a special challenge on "Project Runway."

 I would call last night's "Project Runway All Stars" episode a hare-brained idea, as I'm not sure I have an appropriate porcine equivalent (all porked up?), but I think I'll just get to the point. As Angela awkwardly informed our judges (and by the way, I'm still trying to give her some wiggle room to get her footing as a hostess, but I'm beginning to lose hope), last night's challenge was to dress international celebrity Miss Piggy. The designers all seemed to be falling over with excitement about this, which is endearing but also makes me think they're horribly sleep-deprived and a little punchy. I can't imagine most designers stay up at night, praying that some day they'll be able to dress a foam puppet, but maybe the All Stars are just that wacky. 

Angela adds that Miss Piggy needs a headline-making cocktail dress to wear while she's walking the red carpet, promoting her new film. Michael can't WAIT to meet her, because she's fashion's dream client. He knows she's a puppet, right?

The designers sketch furiously. Mila wants to make Miss Piggy '60s mod. Kenley loves Miss Piggy, as she reminders her of herself. No comment. The designers dash off to Mood, where Austin and Gordana are going with pink, whereas a lot of designers are choosing black. I have to say, I think color is a good thing for Miss Piggy. Adds some pink to her complexion.  

As everyone puts together their outfits, Austin thinks everyone's having fun with the challenge. Well, really, what choice does anyone have? They're dressing a damn toy, for crying out loud. Gordana is going with a free-flowing design instead of something structured. Mondo doesn't think Gordana's dress fits the challenge, and I have to agree. Miss Piggy needs some va-va-voom, and Gordana's making a dress for, well, a model. It also appears to be so short that Miss Piggy would be showing us, well, pork butt.   

Although All Stars has been a mostly peaceful, none-too-catty season, suddenly Mondo and Kara start fighting over pink gloves. He doesn't want to argue about it, so he gives in, but he's pissed off. Wow, Mondo, at least stand up for yourself! I have to say, Mondo hasn't seemed like himself this season. Everything he designs is '60s retro, he doesn't seem to be having fun and I dare say his heart isn't in it. C'mon, Mondo! We're rooting for you!   

Meanwhile, Mila doesn't know how she'll translate her point of view into the Porcine One. Here's an idea: monochrome color blocking. Isn't that her entire POV anyway? April, having been in the bottom two, is now driven to do her best. She doesn't talk to the other designers or spend time goofing around. I appreciate her sense of focus, but I'm worried she's so nervous about bottoming out again she may start playing it safe.  

Mila thinks Kenley is needy for other people's opinions, and she finds Kenley and Kara to be co-dependent on one another. Well, don't worry Mila, no one will ask you for your opinion. Well, not unless they want to make a black-and-white bedspread or something.   

Joanna Coles comes in to be mentor-y. I've noticed we always get to hear from a designer about how helpful she is. Because we never see her being all that helpful on screen. Mostly, she seems to ask leading questions that make the designers quiver with fear, then wanders off to terrify someone else. Man, do I miss Tim Gunn.   

Joanna gets a nightgown vibe from Gordana's dress. Gordana thinks Miss Piggy will be comfortable. Joanna thinks that's not the point. BECAUSE SHE'S A PUPPET.   

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