Michelle hopes her 'Bachelor' rival 'gets attacked by monkeys'

Feb. 8, 2011 at 12:05 PM ET

For some secret reason only Brad Womack (and perhaps some drama-loving producers) could possibly understand, Michelle Money received yet another rose on “The Bachelor.”

Yes, despite what appeared to be Money's best attempts at earning an exit — from her constant jealous complaints to one awkward declaration of love — she’s free to wreak havoc for another week.

In other words, watch out, Chantal O’Brien!

Money focused most of her envy and ill will at love rival O'Brien Monday night after learning Womack wanted some private date time with the other woman. Money felt angry, hurt and in the mood for some strange jungle justice.

“All I can do is be myself, be patient and hope that Chantal gets attacked by monkeys,” Money shrugged to the camera before adding, “Or apes.”


Not surprisingly, the outspoken contestant wasn’t shy about telling Womack just what she thought of his decision to keep O’Brien in the competition — over and over again.

“I didn’t like that you kept Chantal,” Money explained. “That bothered me. It still bothers me. … If you end up with Chantal, I think it will be a huge mistake. … But I want you to figure it out on your own.”

As Brad correctly pointed out, that’s not what Michelle wanted at all. If she had, she wouldn’t have followed up her O’Brien bashing by listing off the contestants he should send home and when.

“You’re scaring me,” Womack said. “I feel like we took 10 steps back. ... I’m afraid of the direction we’re going in.”

Not too afraid to give Money her rose reward, evidently.

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