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'Men' creator Chuck Lorre denies feud with Charlie Sheen

Dec. 13, 2011 at 11:22 AM ET

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Despite evidence to the contrary, "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre doesn't believe he was in a feud with Charlie Sheen.

Remember that long, drawn-out feud between Charlie Sheen and "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre? Never happened.

Oh, sure, during Sheen's highly-publicized "Men" meltdown, the star lashed out at Lorre, who he referred to as "Chuck-E-Cheeseball," as well as a worm, a rat, a cockroach and a "contaminated little maggot." And Lorre gladly gave Sheen some of his own back, once writing that he'd be "really pissed" if the embattled actor outlived him and later electing to off Sheen's on-screen alter ego in a gruesome way. Heck, even Lorre's latest holiday card seemed to take a shot at Sheen. But that doesn't mean they were feuding.

"I haven't spoken to Charlie since last January," Lorre recently told "Entertainment Tonight." "There's been a characterization of a feud between the two of us. I never felt like I was in a feud. I felt like he was my friend. I really love the guy. I loved working with him. … I, more often than not, had a great time and I enjoyed the experience. So I had a lot of affection for the guy. It was devastating how it ended, devastating."

Of course that "devastating" ending, which included Sheen being fired from the hit sitcom, didn't spell the end of "Men." As such, Lorre may have kind words for the man he didn't feud with, but he has even more praise for the guy he believes saved the show -- Ashton Kutcher.

"If Ashton hadn't come along the show would be over," Lorre said. "(He) really did save the day. It really was Mighty Mouse to the rescue time."

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