Biggest Loser

Luck runs out for seniors in 'Loser's' Battle of the Ages

Oct. 11, 2011 at 10:01 PM ET

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Bonnie Griffin may have bad knees, but she pulled her weight on Tuesday.

After last week’s episode of “The Biggest Loser,” it seemed the blue team finally had found their motivation and were ready to show the competition that despite their senior status, age was just a number. After Tuesday night’s episode, it became clear last week was just a fluke.

Before delving into the latest troubles to strike Anna Kournikova’s blue gang, let’s catch up with the other groups.

As the show opened, the young’uns of Team Red gathered around to mourn the loss of Patrick, who viewers may remember volunteered to be voted out last week and did not, in fact, die. Someone should really remind the teary-eyed, bereaved and guilt-stricken Ramon about that.

Still somehow Ramon and his remaining pals found the strength to go on. So much strength that when the challenge of the week arrived, one that required them to relay race their own letters from home through the wind, rain and “snow” of So Cal, they quickly and easily gained the lead.

But, as has so often been the case this season, after the reds got off to a respectable start, the black team found a way to work their middle-aged mojo and leave the other teams in their dust.

Yes, “teams,” because despite the look of it at first, the blue team was in this race too — not that they ever stood a chance. With only three players to participate, versus four on the other teams, it amounted to just another built-in disadvantage for them. Still, they persevered — even Bonnie, who’s best known for her bad knees. With the support of her teammates, Bonnie trudged up the final stretch (ages after the other teams), and then cheered her accomplishment for climbing “(her) Mt. Everest.”

While the blues deserved to cheer their not-quite-Everest-climbing achievement, they just couldn’t compete. The black team won the challenge, earning their letters from home and video calls too, and the red team came in second place, getting their own letters. At least the “Loser” powers-that-be were kind enough to dole out letters to the blues too, despite the last place finish.

The standings remained the same when it came to the scales. Bob Harper’s unbeatable black team dropped the biggest numbers, Dolvett Quince’s 20-something’s were next and the seniors? Just like last week never happened, they landed back at the bottom of the heap.

In fairness to Bonnie, it certainly wasn’t her fault. While Becky and Coach Mike had a weak week, she dropped seven pounds and earned immunity. With the only vote that mattered, Bonnie sent Mike packing, leaving a team of two remaining.

How do you think this Battle of the Ages theme is shaping up? Is it fair? Is there any way the rest of the blues, Bonnie and Becky, can turn this around? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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