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Lindsay Lohan to do sit-down interview with Barbara Walters

Oct. 15, 2012 at 12:19 AM ET

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Lindsay Lohan is set to do an interview with Barbara Walters.

Wondering what's been going on with Lindsay Lohan lately? You might get some answers soon. E! News confirms that the troubled star will be having a special sit-down interview with the one and only Barbara Walters. 

And you know you can always count on Barbara to get down to the nitty-gritty. 

So Lindsay isn't banned from Chateau Marmont anymore? 

Sources tell E! News that Walters went to the set of "Liz & Dick"  during production, where Lindsay showed her some behind-the-scenes action and participated in some interviews. 

So in a couple of weeks, this material, plus a new, no-holds-barred interview that Lindsay will do with Barbara, is expected to be combined into a primetime special that will air sometime prior to the premiere of the Lifetime movie (which airs Nov. 25). 

LiLo agreed to the interview as she greatly admires Walters and knows that the interview will be done with respect, a source told E! News. 

Check out Lohan as Liz Taylor! 

--Reporting by Claudia Cagan 

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