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Latest 'Biggest Loser' quitter has readers ranting

Jan. 20, 2012 at 8:12 PM ET

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"Biggest Loser" player Joe angered a lot of viewers when he quit the game.

"The Biggest Loser" may not be as huge of a hit as it once was in the ratings, but readers still love it!

This week's recap was the most popular story of the week in The Clicker. What made this particular episode even more interesting than usual? How about yet another "Loser" contestant -- Joe this time -- deciding to quit the game? Yes, the big guy decided that he missed his family too much and packed his bags before even weighing in to see how he did. It's a move that has always angered fans of the show, and this week was no different.

"I am confused. This is no joke. When you come on Biggest Loser, you are being thrown a life line," wrote reader Debbie Deal McGee on our Facebook page. "If you desire to make stupid, childish excuses why apply for the show? Keep eating and blow up!"

"I was so angry with Joe and his choice to leave a show because he missed his family so much," wrote Michelle Hampton Moreno. "Hello? You knew what you were signing up for, you got a once in a lifetime opportunity to change your life with the best help there could ever be in the form of Bob Harper and you walk away? You're a loser alright!"

On the other end of the spectrum and in the No. 2 spot was comedian Kathy Griffin and her ... uhh ... habit of showing off her amazing body. She had already showed off her shapely 51-year-old figure while hosting a New Year's Eve special with Anderson Cooper, and when she appeared on "Late Night" Thursday, she decided to give host David Letterman a closer look.

Readers were a bit torn about her antics. Jeanie Hooper declared on our Facebook page that the star "has no class," while reader Julie Caustrita wrote "Oh, please she is so $&%^*@# funny, she is off the radar."

Next up? "American Idol," of course! Now that the reality juggernaut is back, expect stories about the show to land at or near the top each week, just like it does in the ratings. But surprisingly, it wasn't the premiere recaps that did the best, but the discovery that one of the early front runners has a rather lengthy arrest record. Yes, Amy Brumfield, who lives in a tent with her boyfriend, has had six arrests in seven years, as TMZ uncovered.

Readers on Facebook were mostly Team Amy, with many admiring her for trying to better her life. "It doesn't matter what she's done in the past, what matter's now is what she does in the future," wrote George McClellan.

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