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Jon Hamm: I think 'Mad Men' should end

June 13, 2011 at 11:06 AM ET

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters /

Fans may not be ready to think about the end of “Mad Men,” which show creator Matthew Weiner has warned is on the way after just three more seasons, but leading man Jon Hamm looks forward to it.

"I think it should end,” Hamm recently said during an interview with BBC Radio’s Newsbeat.

Don’t worry. The man behind Don Draper isn’t proposing an even earlier than planned exit. He just believes every TV show should map out a clear stopping point.

“Everything should end,” Hamm said. “I was a big fan of (the U.K. version of) ‘The Office’ over here because it ended.”

But the actor also assured that he has a lot of work to do long before “Mad Men” comes to a close — and not just his usual job in front of the cameras. In season five, Hamm will go behind the lens for his directorial debut.

“We're going to start the fifth series here I think late July or August,” he told Newsbeat. “I'll be directing the first episode."

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