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Gunn: Doing 'Runway' 9 and 'All Stars' would've been 'loony cajuney'

Jan. 9, 2012 at 6:15 PM ET

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There was no making it work when it came to Tim Gunn participating in “Project Runway All-Stars.”

The high priest of style was at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour in Pasadena Monday, promoting his new ABC daytime talk show, “Revolution,” with Ty Pennington and a cast of make-yourself-better experts. (“Revolution” replaces long-running soap “One Life to Live” at 1 p.m. PT and 2 p.m. ET Jan. 16.)

He told a small group of reporters gathered after the panel that he simply could not mentor the "All Stars" because it overlapped with the taping of “Project Runway” season nine.

“Someone thought that ‘All Stars’ and season nine could be taped together and we all could run back and forth,” Gunn said. “To me the workroom and the designers is like a fashion emergency room. (Trying to do both) was just loony cajuney.”

Gunn said he gives “150 percent” on the show, and felt both shows would suffer if he attempted to spread himself between them. His first allegiance, of course, is to the mother ship.

“I’m a lucky guy and I readily recognize how much I have on my plate. I won’t trivialize (what it takes) to do this show,” Gunn said. “I can’t multitask. I don’t even have an iPhone or Blackberry on the set. I have to focus.”

As Gunn was leaving, we asked him to talk about season eight's Mondo Guerra coming back, perhaps to sweep the competition on "All Stars."

“I’m thrilled for him,” Gunn gushed.  “I honestly don’t know how he does on the show, but I’m thrilled that he’s getting a second chance, in a manner of speaking.”

Gunn’s been very vocal about Gretchen Jones’ win over Guerra, which he felt was undeserved.

“I was shocked. Shocked. Shocked. I was on the set and wanted to go and, well ...,” said Gunn, who was obviously too polite to expand on that thought.

But what he did say was that he and "Runway" host Heidi Klum attempted an intervention with judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, who were on Team Gretchen.

“It didn’t work,” said a chagrined Gunn. “They were intractable.”

Why, Tim? Why?

“Michael was intent on having someone who worked in an American sportswear genre,” he explained. “That’s what happens in the voting. I asked him, ‘Would you permit her to work for you?’ and he said he would. It was Heidi who came back and said, ‘No, you would not!’  We tried, we really did."

It has already been announced that there will be a season 10, and Gunn said he’s looking forward to it.

“I’m so lucky and blessed to have what I have,” he said.

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