'Fear Factor' mom loves her son -- just not that way

Dec. 15, 2011 at 12:27 PM ET

Monica, seen here supporting son Matias before a challenge on "Fear Factor," doesn't appreciate the comments she heard on the show.

On the premiere episode of the revamped "Fear Factor," viewers met Monica and Matias, a close -- really, really close -- mother and son team that was ready for any challenge or gross-out gag host Joe Rogan was willing to throw their way. But as it turns out, there was one thing the two weren't ready for -- the way other teams, and even Rogan, reacted to their relationship.

See, Monica and Matias were hand-on with their support of each other on Monday night's show, and that left their competition with plenty to talk about.

"(Matias) and his mama -- they're touching each other a little too much for me," one member of the yellow team mentioned. "(They're) making me feel kind of funny."

It was a sentiment Rogan shared.

"I think a lot of people at home feel funny, too," he said on behalf of the home audience before adding, "I hug my mom every time I see her, but then I let go."

Now Monica has something to say about that.

"I am appalled and disgusted at the comments of people on the show about Matias’ and my relationship and how it seems ‘inappropriate’ for a mother and son," she told TMZ. "Are you kidding me?"

Take that, yellow team.

Monica also insisted that "in no way, shape or form am I inappropriate with my son."

OK, "Fear Factor" fans, what do you think? Should Monica and Matias have expected the comments, given all of the parental PDA, or were the ones who made the remarks out of line? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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