Dancing With the Stars

Despite fights, Nancy Grace calls partner the true 'Dancing' star

Nov. 14, 2011 at 1:48 PM ET

Adam Taylor / ABC /
Nancy Grace says her pro partner was the real "Dancing" star.

Nancy Grace and pro hoofer Tristan MacManus barely made it through a single “Dancing With the Stars” rehearsal without fighting over who was in charge. Their constant back-and-forth prompted host Tom Bergeron to dub the duo “The Bickersons.” But don’t let the fights fool you. An open letter from Grace proves the pair shared a bond.

Almost a week after Grace got what some might consider an overdue ballroom boot, the prosecutor-turned-TV-host published a parting note about her “Dancing” experience on People.com

 “This has truly been an extraordinary journey that I will cherish forever,” Grace wrote. “I am so proud of what we accomplished and how far we came. But I really cannot take the credit. It has been all Tristan from the get-go.”

After praising her partner in the intro, Grace went on to thank her fans for their support and to mention the friends she made on the show, both on-camera and off. But she soon came back around to the pro who made his competitive “Dancing With the Stars” debut this season.

“Most of all, thanks to Tristan MacManus,” she continued. “I don't know if you will ever read this, but you, not me, are the ’star;’ I'm sure the world saw that every night we danced on air.”

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