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'Dancing With the Stars' pro Derek: 'I cried at home every night'

Jan. 23, 2012 at 2:48 PM ET

Kevin Lynch / GSN /
"Dancing With the Stars" pro Derek Hough.

Oh, who's the bad boy of "Dancing With the Stars" now?

In a new video released by GSN, pro Derek Hough decided to get a few things off his chest about working with the celeb ladies he gets partnered with on the show.

"I have a paddle -- a wooden paddle -- and it's basically [makes whipping sound] just kind of smack them around a little bit," Derek joked -- we hope! (Hmm ... could that be part of the reason why his most recent partner, Ricki Lake, had post-traumatic stress from "Dancing"? He certainly got her into dancing shape, and fast!)

But that's not all the supposedly good-guy pro had to share. "Surprisingly, one of my most challenging partners was actually ... I can't get personal," he teased. "This woman drained me. I cried at home every night." See what else he had to say:

While Derek was spilling juicy little secrets to the cameras, his fellow pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy was busy relaxing and having some fun during his shoot. Yep, the bad boy of the ballroom set aside his seriousness and fiery temper, and instead, let loose the goofiness that fans have seen only glimpses of during practice and backstage clips.

From goofy dance moves to a quick rap to sexy eyebrow arching, the pro does it all. Check out his clip, but beware, because in true bad-boy form, he drops a few bleeped F-bombs:

Want more of Maks and Derek? Watch (or re-watch) season four of "DWTS" on GSN on Saturday nights at 6. For those of you eagerly awaiting season 14, only 56 more days to go until March 19!

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