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Conda and co. find strength in numbers on 'The Biggest Loser'

March 6, 2012 at 10:17 PM ET

It's another week, another twist on "The Biggest Loser." Fresh from last week's relatively drama-free, at-home action, the players were back on the ranch and ready to face their latest challenge -- a trainer switcheroo.

Well, actually, only two of the "Losers" seemed ready to face the challenge. Conda and her brother, Jeremy, both of whom swapped trainers recently, welcomed even a temporary shot to go back to their respective original trainers. As for everyone else, they greeted the news with complaints and in some cases, tears.

"Get over it," Jeremy said of Emily's particularly weepy reaction. "It's not the end of the world."

Oh, how quickly he forgets his own tears and temper tantrum of just two weeks ago when he was forced to leave Bob Harper and the black team behind for Dolvett Quince and the reds.

The second part of the twist -- and there's always a second part -- involved this week's elimination decision. The winning team on the scale would decide which player would be sent home on the losing team. The trainer shakeup may have brought out the tears, but this is where the real problems kicked in.

After all, it's not that hard to get used to a new workout routine -- at least when compared with getting used to the idea of someone else controlling your fate in the game. And that's why the drama respite ended and the scheming and alliance-making began.

Well, it began for those that didn't realize other players had already got around to it weeks ago. Viewers have known Conda's been calling the shots on both teams for some time, and that no matter what color shirt she's wearing now, the men on team red -- including her brother -- remain loyal to her. Emily and Cassandra, on the other hand, had no idea, even though that brother part should have occurred to them. So they approached Queen Conda to be in an all-girl alliance with the two of them and Kim (and presumably quiet Chris, too).

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Conda went straight to the reds with the plot, and the results of that chat soon showed scale-side.

It was all about the numbers. The red team had the best numbers on the scale with a total of 22 pounds down (compared to black's 12), and alliance-wise, Conda had the best numbers. Sure, her team lost weigh-in, but there was no way she was going home. Her pals on the red team made sure of that by giving Cassandra the boot.

It looks like Conda is here to stay, barring an even bigger shakeup.

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