Carmen Electra lends 'So You Think You Can Dance' a charge

July 7, 2011 at 8:24 AM ET

It’s down to the top fourteen and so far these dancers (who really do make up the best season yet, if you ask me) are looking pretty good. Yes, there are some wobbles, and some dancers do not fare well away from their chosen format, but each week I’m surprised by someone I’d previously written off. And even though I doubt I’ll win the HitFix Fantasy League, I don’t mind a bit. I’d rather see a season on which the lead pair can change from week to week than watch someone barrel toward the finish line without a lick of competition (okay, we see more of that on “Dancing with the Stars,” but still). Anyway, let’s get to it.  

Carmen Electra and Travis Wall are the guest judges joining Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. It turns out Carmen has some pretty decent dance cred, and it makes me a little sad that when I see her I think sometimes Pussycat Doll/bouncing Baywatch babe/Dave Navarro’s ex. She always seemed a little smarter than anyone gave her credit for being. Anyway, Travis was so thrilled to get the guest judging gig he had to change his pants after he got the news. Calm down, Travis.    

Justin Giles is a first time "SYTYCD" choreographer and for the guys he’s created a dance around the seven stages of grief.  Over a relationship. Hmm, I know the Kubler-Ross model works for lots of things, but its original application was for facing death, so this seems a little tacky. But I forget that immediately once the guys start dancing. How much do I love this piece? A lot. Lot, lot, lot. Such a creative use of the stage, such a smart way to highlight individual dancers and yet show them synchronized as a group. Love it. The girls have their work cut out for them now.  

The theme for this week is meeting the families. Well, okay. I guess it’s better than “the grossest thing my partner does that may or may not include snot or sweat.” 

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