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Is Bill playing hard to get on 'True Blood'?

July 3, 2011 at 11:30 PM ET

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Did you ever think Vampire Bill, now Vampire King of Louisiana, would ever deny Sookie anything?

A bunch of screen flashes are just ‘bout all we can remember from last week's premiere episode, 'cause there were way too many delish story lines to keep track of while keeping an eye out for shirtless vamps (ahem, Eric). Did you see how many leading ladies and gents are in the opening credits?

So we totally appreciated the slow down this week to focus on a certain threesome. And can we just say? All the yummy men got some serious airtime.

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Bill's being weird: We liked Sookie-obsessed Bill! Poor S. goes to him for help and he just turns her down and shows off the human he's having relations with. What's up with that? Not to mention that badass Bill really didn't kill Sophie-Anne to become the great King of L'eesiana. Naw, instead he was just taking orders from Nan Flanagan and got a bunch of humans to take the Queen down. Lame-o.

Whatevs Bill, because Sookie's gonna have another certain sexy vamp shoulder to cry on after you turned your icy cold one at the fairy girl...

Eric's charming away: Now that Eric is as innocent as a newly bitten vampire babe, Sook should find the blondie all the more attractive. His whole "owning her" thang only made him seem cuter anyway. Putting a hidey hole in her house? Adorable.

Besides, Sookie could always just crash at someone else's house. Hmm, but for some reason that girl keeps coming home to Eric Northman.

Um, Jason? You OK?: Just when Sook's little bro was growing up, he has to go and get himself kidnapped by V-dealing werepanthers. Nobody in all of Bon Temps seems to notice either, which is kind of peculiar.

The upside (kind of) is that Jason gets to nail Crystal, all in the name of inbreeding, and against his will, and not until he's a werepanther too. So yeah, even getting some lovin' sucks for Jason right now. Sounds like Jason is replacing Tara in terms of a super screwy plotline.

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So fangbangers, what did you think of tonight's episode? Are you pissed off at Bill too? Is Jason the new Tara? Do you want to go in Eric's hidey hole?

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