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Ballroom boo-boo on 'Dancing'? Bring it on!

Oct. 14, 2011 at 7:16 PM ET

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Chynna Phillips may have had beautiful moves and lines on "Dancing," but one bad week doomed her -- and made her the most-read Clicker story of the week.

Sure, “Dancing With the Stars” is one of the most popular reality competitions on TV, but it’s not just the smooth moves that viewers can’t get enough of.

It’s the errors.

“Dancing” contestant Nancy Grace’s wardrobe malfunction two weeks ago was one of the most popular stories in reality TV. This week in The Clicker, fellow hopeful Chynna Phillips’ ballroom disaster had the majority of our readers clicking.

The Wilson Phillips singer danced to the “Mission: Impossible” theme song on Monday night, and unfortunately for her, it was an aptly chosen tune. Phillips completely forgot the steps to her tango and was promptly voted off despite being one of the leaderboard toppers since the beginning of the season.

But was it really her massive flub that led to all the interest? Or was it that the mistake was that other decidedly less skilled hopeful hoofers had survived to dance another week? Judging from the comments on our Facebook page, outrage over her ouster definitely contributed to the popularity of the post.

“What a joke is right and what an insult to Chynna!” wrote reader Joyce Ellis. “It was once a beautiful and interesting show to watch, but for the last two seasons, the glamour has left the show.”

“Not fair that Chynna was voted off … she is a much better dancer than the remaining contenders,” wrote Maureen McMinn Duzs.

“Haven’t people figured out that the show is rigged?!” declared Julie Metcalfe.

You get the idea.

The No. 2 post? I almost hate to bring it up for fear of another avalanche of outrage. Then again, you guys did make it the second most popular story in the blog this week! And that post was … the big stunners from Kim Kardashian’s massive two-day, four-hour wedding special. Readers rant endlessly whenever we report on the Kardashians, but every time, the stories end up being incredibly popular. Go figure.

The same thing goes for the third most popular post of the week. Sure, “The Real Housewives” very rarely garner any sympathy from readers, but this next story sure earned Camille Grammer of the “Beverly Hills” spinoff some support. (A common complaint on our Facebook page about the franchise? That Bravo should check out the real housewives at home washing dishes and doing laundry every day instead of the privileged women on its various series in the franchise.)

“Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer appeared on a morning show in Australia Wednesday, and when he told the hosts how horrible his marriage to Camille was and how he considered “RHOBH” a “parting gift” for her, readers couldn’t get enough of what the actor had to say -- and then sided squarely with his ex-wife.

“I have no use for him. Used to enjoy him on ‘Cheers’ and ‘Frasier.’ No more,” wrote reader Cindi Conner.

“Camille’s no saint, but you can’t just wish away 14 years (of marriage),” wrote Alyce McNeil. “It happened dude, and YOU picked the worst way to call it quits. If that was your gift to her, then give it like a man and quit your whining!”

“Considering what Camille has done with that gift, I’d say he’s spewing sour grapes as usual,” wrote Debbie Newman. “She’s not my favorite person on the planet, but it seems she’s made some pretty delicious lemonade from the lemons he left her with.”

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