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'America's Got Talent' needs to get younger, according to Cowell

Dec. 21, 2011 at 10:12 AM ET

Phil Mccarten / AP /
Simon Cowell has plans to shake up "America's Got Talent."

While it's Howard Stern's new role on the "America's Got Talent" panel that had fans of the show buzzing last week, the shock jock's addition is far from the only shakeup the show will see next season.

"America's Got Talent" co-creator and executive producer Simon Cowell recently revealed that he believes the show has become "too predictable" and needs yet another new face to help combat that.

“I always like four-person panels because it leaves less room for error,” Cowell explained in an interview with the New York Post.

Some "X Factor" viewers might argue that point, given the "room for error" Nicole Scherzinger routinely finds on that show's four-person panel, but Cowell believes it's the right plan for "Got Talent." He even has a good idea about who he's looking for to fill the extra spot.

“Somebody younger -- a girl," he said. "Someone who will not be afraid of Sharon (Osbourne) and Howard and (to) fight for a different type of act than they would.”

Presumably a younger act, because Cowell isn't just interested in a younger judge. He wants a younger show.

“It has to become younger,” he told the Post. “It has to be more relevant.”

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