America's Got Talent

'America's Got Talent' finds strangest act ever

June 16, 2011 at 10:50 AM ET

The “America’s Got Talent” stage has seen more than its share of bizarre acts over the years, but next week one act will out-weird all of those that came before it.

Get ready for a 19-second preview of what “Got Talent” calls “The Unspeakable Talent.”

Not sure what you just watched? Join the crowd! It may have been a man or woman dressed as a flesh colored blob while riding a stationary unicycle and shooting unknown objects out of its … mouth? Yeah, let’s go with mouth.

Just to round out the surreal vibe, the whole thing is set to the zaniest of tunes, “Yakety Sax” (better known to some as the “The Benny Hill Show” theme).

Want to see the entire “Unspeakable” routine? Tune into “Got Talent” next Tuesday night.

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