Library receives book 55 years overdue

Feb. 6, 2013 at 11:49 AM ET

New York Public Library /
This book made its way home after over five decades.

By NBC New York

A public library in Washington Heights, New York received a book in the mail that had been checked out for 55 years.

On Monday, the Fort Washington branch posted a picture on its Facebook page of the book's checkout card and wrote: "This book was returned to us today! Not sure what the late charge should be."

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The book, "Fire of Francis Xavier" by Arthur McGratty, had been checked out of the library since April1958.

New York Public Library spokeswoman Amy Geduldig told that the fine is usually the cost of a replacement book.

"It's tempting to say it would be an astronomical number, but it wouldn't be," Geduldig told the site.