Your decked-out Christmas trees!

We asked for photos of your Christmas trees and we received tall, short, bushy and bare styles! Check out readers' festive holiday decorations:

Submitted by Lyle McCullough
Our cozy Christmas tree
Submitted by Marcia Liptow
Candy and Snowflakes for my grandsons, Desul and Rocket.
Submitted by Eddy Matten
Blue Christmas
Submitted by Carlotta Schmittgen
We're in a two AFC football team family -- Browns & Steelers
Submitted by Amanda Leonard
My boyfriend picked this tree out by himself, and I love it!
Submitted by Lisa Kufs
Occupy Christmas! The Statue of Liberty graces the top of this tree, which is also home to over 30 protesters, 7 tents, 4 foreclosed homes, 9 yards of highway, over 50 protest signs, and one porta-potty.
Submitted by Paola Santander
Ornaments are photos of 2011 family memories.
Submitted by Bridget Hughes / UGC
These days my tree is a pre-decorated Disney tree with the little Starbucks cup ornaments.
Submitted by Paola Santander
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree 2010
Submitted by John Vang
Full and dense, proportioned to width and height. This tree is 8-ft tall and 5.5 ft wide at the base.
Submitted by Gina Doddington
The Doddington Christmas tree in its glory!
Submitted by Lynda Branton
My perfect Christmas tree.

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