X-citing news: TODAY unveils voice-activated app on Xbox 360

Dec. 19, 2011 at 10:57 AM ET

We have X-citing news for Xbox owners (or lucky folks who may be expecting to find one under their Christmas tree): TODAY.com announced the launch of its new, custom app on Xbox LIVE. The exciting new app is part of the all-new Xbox 360 experience that gives you the power to control the Xbox with your voice.

The new custom TODAY.com app on Xbox 360 will enable you to find the most popular videos of the day simply by asking for them vocally.

The voice activation, powered by Kinect and Bing search, turns your voice into the ultimate remote control. You can use your voice to effortlessly find the latest show, watch the most popular videos of the day and search for stories by specific anchors or your favorite topics. You say it and Xbox finds it.

“With the Xbox LIVE app, the TODAY show is again evolving with the times and technologies,” said Jim Bell, TODAY Executive Producer. “TODAY has already successfully expanded beyond TV screens and into the lives of millions on a variety of platforms. The brand that was created 60 years ago as a 2-hour morning news show is now available at any time and on any number of devices, from laptops to iPads and now the Xbox.”

“We want to make it easy to enjoy TODAY wherever you are whenever you have the time,” said Jen Brown, Director of TODAY Digital. “This new app introduces the full breadth of our content to the interactive Xbox environment in millions of living rooms. And there’s nothing easier than asking for the video you want and that video immediately appearing on your screen.”

In addition to getting access to Matt, Ann, Al, Natalie and the entire TODAY family, TODAY on Xbox LIVE offers unique opportunities for advertisers.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to deliver value for our advertising partners,” said Laura Hagen, General Manager of Brand Solutions, TODAY Digital. “TODAY is a trailblazer in cross-platform brand extensions and we’re excited about Xbox LIVE because it delivers a unique audience who’s truly engaged with the product for hours on end. That’s the perfect environment for connecting with consumers and showcasing premium brands."

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