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Who does Seacrest think is 'On the Verge' of stardom?

April 5, 2013 at 7:49 AM ET

Video: TODAY contributor Ryan Seacrest shares the next set of clues in his new series “On the Verge,” where he seeks out companies and people who are on the brink of hitting it big.

In the latest installment of his series "On the Verge," Ryan Seacrest is back with another name you should know.

The TODAY special correspondent is profiling the people he thinks are on the verge of becoming household names, from business to sports to music, and he'll be on the show Tuesday to bring you the latest.

In case you missed it, here's the clue Ryan revealed on the broadcast Friday:

His name is often associated with rainbows.

He's been known to turn diamonds into halos.

Heavenly, yet in 2012, he stole 50 times.

Do you know who it is? In case you're still guessing, watch the video below to check out another clue from Ryan. Tweet your guess with the hashtag #OnTheVergeTODAY or leave it in the comments!

We'll bring you the answer on Tuesday.