Viewers spot our (flat) Matt around the U.S.

Nov. 3, 2011 at 3:43 PM ET

Kris Miller /
"Matt" is swimming in a pool with Kris Miller in Granville, Ohio.

Matt is about the embark on his 10th trip around the world — but he's been plenty busy over the past week if these photos are to be believed!

Thanks to our loyal fans, Matt — or the flat paper version you guys printed out from TODAY.com — traveled to as far-flung places as Texas and Maine.

Will he actually travel there during his Where in the World trip, which starts Monday? Find out! You'll get a hint of where he'll end up on Day 1

Here are some of our favorite "Flat Matt" images submitted so far.

Click here to download and submit your "Flat Matt" pictures, and check out our Where in the World is Matt Lauer section.

Cindy Neal /
Matt is in the arms of Cindy Neal's son in Zeeland, Michigan.
Ryan Zimmerman /
Matt helps carve pumpkins at Auburn University.
Pamala Vissing /
Flat Matt visited McAuley High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, and quickly became one of the girls ... I mean, one of the crowd.
Steve Aiken /
Flat Matt made his operatic debut in "The Merry Widow" with the Shreveport Opera in Louisiana. "He looked sharp, but sang a little flat," said Steve, who submitted the photo.
Susan Rooker /
What a trickster! Matt hangs out on the grass in Fort Williams in South Portland, Maine.
Melissa Bucci /
Cheeleaders from Hubbard, Ohio, pose with their Flat Matt-scots at the last Friday night football game of the season.
Janice Jones /
Where in the world is Matt Lauer? Apparently he's taped to a chuch sign in Shallowater, Texas.
Shannon Hinkle /
Matt stares out the window in Chicago. "I love Matt and the whole TODAY Show family!" Shannon, who submitted the photo, says. "My alarm goes off at 7am and I immediately turn on TODAY to see what's going on around the world."