Update: Too Sexy to Fly?

Sep. 17, 2007 at 1:00 PM ET

Remember Kyla Ebbert? She's the young woman who was on the show on September 7 to talk about her experience flying Southwest Airlines -- a Southwest customer service representative deemed her outfit too revealing to fly, and she eventually had to cover herself with a blanket during the flight.

Her appearance on TODAY received a tremendous amount of attention, including more than 1,000 comments here on allDAY.

Well, Southwest has decided to turn a potential PR fiasco into a marketing idea. WATCH VIDEO

CEO Gary Kelly apologized to Ms. Ebbert and released this statement: "Some have said we've gone from loving hot pants to having hot flashes but nothing could be further from the truth. The publicity caught us with our pants down, quite frankly. The story has such great legs, but we have an even better sense of humor, so we're going to jump out there and lower our fares to match the mini skirts we've all been hearing so much about."

Kelly later said, without tongue firmly in cheek, "We don't have a dress code at Southwest Airlines, and we don't want to put our employees in the position of being the fashion police. But there's a fine line you walk sometimes in not offending other passengers."

So we've heard from Southwest...have we now heard the last of Ms. Ebbert?