Twihards line up for more than 24 hours to see Robert Pattinson

Nov. 9, 2011 at 1:31 PM ET

Lisa Granshaw/ /
Allison Ortiz, Erica Rivera, and Alexandria Rhodes have been lined up since 4:00 am Wednesday morning to see Twilight stars on TODAY.

When we heard there was already a line forming out on the plaza for "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson's appearance Thursday, we just had to run outside and see who these fans were!

Five fans were camping out as of noon – and they were the definition of Twihards. The first three girls in line have been waiting since 4 a.m. Wednesday. They joined the crowd for Taylor Lautner’s appearance on TODAY this morning and as soon as he was done, went right back to their vigil for Pattinson.

“It’s such an exciting experience. Just to see them, to get a picture makes me happy,” Alexandria Rhodes said.

Alexandria, who came in from Ohio and her two friends, New Yorkers Allison Ortiz and Erica Rivera, were originally planning on getting together in New York City next week but changed their plans when they heard the "Twilight" stars were appearing on TODAY. 

The trio has already worked out a plan for the next 24 hours: Two more friends on the way, so they'll take shifts on line and eat at the 24-hour Dunkin’ Donuts nearby. They’ve already started bonding with the group of two behind them, even watching the duo's stuff while they left for a while.

So what will they say to Pattinson if they meet him?

“That we waited out here and were freezing!” Erica said. (At 63 degrees, New York is hardly frigid right now, but maybe the girls are chilled to the bone with excitement).

Alexandria just wants to thank Pattinson for taking the time to make these appearances because it means a lot to the fans that come to see him.

And these girls have a good reason to feel so thankful — they were literally brought together by the franchise. Alexandria first met Allison through talking about "Twilight" on Twitter. Through the saga, their friendship has grown, which makes these last two films particularly bittersweet.

“I cried a little when I watched the trailer [for "Breaking Dawn Part 1"],” Allison admitted. “But we have a year left until "Part 2" so it’s not over yet! I won’t really cry until then!”

Tune in tomorrow to see Robert Pattinson greet his dedicated fans on the plaza!

Lisa Granshaw writes and produces for She may not be a Twihard, but she’s watched all six "Star Wars" films in a row in one day and is still waiting for her chance to meet George Lucas (it could happen).