Tomorrow on Today: What We're Looking At For Friday

April 19, 2007 at 4:16 PM ET

Here's the first crack at tomorrow's rundown:

Virginia Tech Investigation

We are continuing to follow the tragic events that took place this week on the campus of Virginia Tech University. Tomorrow, we will have the latest on the investigation.

We will also speak to Colin Goddard and his mother Anne. Collin was shot three times on Monday when Cho Seung-Hui entered his classroom.

Political Round-Up

We have been immersed in covering the horrible massacre that took place on Monday, however, throughout the week there has been quite a bit of action on the political front. Tomorrow Tim Russert will bring us up to date on Alberto Gonzales's testimony, the Iraq War Debate and all the other politicking that took place this week.

Check back later to see what other stories we'll have tomorrow.