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TODAY's Takeaway: Valerie Harper stays positive, Matt and Justin get hitched

Sep. 19, 2013 at 1:51 PM ET

Valerie Harper stays positive about her cancer, Matt has a guys' night in Vegas with Justin Timberlake.
Valerie Harper stays positive about her cancer, Matt has a guys' night in Vegas with Justin Timberlake.

1. For anyone who’s waited for Justin Timberlake’s impending nuptials, the suspense is over! Mazel tov to Justin and… Matt?

Matt recently had a guys’ night out in Vegas with the movie and music star that ended with an impromptu wedding. But before their stroll down the aisle (and tush grab), Matt and Justin talked about not-fake topics, like the struggle for child stars to achieve adult success.

On Miley Cyrus, Justin said: "I think she's really smart, and I think she's really talented.”

Video: If you had any doubts that an entertainer could peak 20 years into their career, just look at Justin Timberlake. The musician, comedian and actor is at the top of his game, and tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that he has been working for more than two thirds of his life.

2. Valerie Harper updated Matt, Savannah and Meredith this morning on her battle with terminal cancer, and talked about her decision to perform on “Dancing with the Stars.”

"There are so many people living with cancer and even dying with it, but not of it," she said. "My doctors have told me to exercise and not to worry about any physical problem with the kind of cancer I have. I thought, 'Why not do it?'"

Video: Actress Valerie Harper tells TODAY about her battle with cancer and her recent decision to compete on “Dancing with the Stars,” explaining that she wants to help remove the stigma from people struggling with cancer.

3. In a NBC News exclusive interview with Ann Curry, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani blamed Israel for causing "injustice to the people," but called for peace in the region.

"We are not seeking ... and looking for war with any nations,” the newly-elected leader said. “We are seeking peace and stability among all the nations in the region."

Video: In an exclusive interview with TODAY’s Ann Curry, newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani talks about Israel, his viewpoints on previous president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the Iranian people’s access to the Internet.

4. Brian Holloway was shocked when his son showed him pictures on Twitter of teens trashing a home – his own – that he thought was vacant.

Now the ex-NFL player is using those tweets to track down the teens who did the damage – all $20,000 of it.

Video: Former Oakland Raiders player Brian Holloway is searching for the teens who may be responsible for a party that left his upstate New York home trashed. NBC’s Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room on the clues left on Twitter.

5. Meredith dropped by this morning with her dog, Jasper, to check out the new studio, and she brought a housewarming present! Thanks for the support (for the revamped studio and for our lower backs), Meredith!

Video: Former TODAY anchor Meredith Vieira is back (for a visit), bearing gifts as well as her loyal dog, Jasper, who had a lot to say about the redesign.

Tomorrow on TODAY: Amanda Knox joins TODAY for her first live interview about her upcoming murder trial in Italy.

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