TODAY's Takeaway

TODAY's Takeaway: Ryan O'Neal speaks out, meet kindest kid, man gets gift from dead wife

Dec. 23, 2013 at 4:53 PM ET

Today's Takeaway
Ryan O'Neal speaks out, the kindest kid is crowned, and an Iowa man received an incredibly kind gesture from his wife, two years after her death.

1. In an emotional interview, Ryan O’Neal spoke to TODAY fresh off his victorious court battle to secure an Andy Warhol silkscreen of late actress Farrah Fawcett. "It will never be sold," he said of the painting. "It will go on to her son Redmond and his children and his children. ... It was always invaluable to us. She was a wonderful woman, and this is what was left,” he told Matt. “That's all that was left."

Video: The “Love Story” actor, who won a case against the University of Texas over an Andy Warhol portrait of his former girlfriend, the late Farrah Fawcett, said the painting was always his and will remain in his possession.

2. Ready for some totally excellent news? Keanu Reeves told TODAY that, though he’d turning 50 next year, he’d be open to doing another “Bill & Ted” movie.

"I'm open to the idea of that," Reeves revealed. "I think it's pretty surreal, playing 'Bill & Ted' at 50. But we have a good story in that. You can see the life and joy in those characters, and I think the world can always use some life and joy."

Video: The celebrated actor talks about his new film, an adventure epic titled “47 Ronin.” He also tells Savannah Guthrie why he chooses to stay out of the Hollywood life, and offers hints about a new entry in the popular “Bill and Ted” film franchise.

3. Here's one that will leave you in tears. Two years after she died, a woman’s three wishes to reward the hospital staff who cared for her while she battled cancer, her husband, and his new love were granted by a radio station. It’s a story of selflessness that will restore your faith in humanity.

Video: An Iowa man got a very special Christmas gift from his wife two years after she died of cancer. Before her death, she made arrangements to give her family a trip, as well as leaving gifts for the hospital staff who treated her and even her husband’s new love.

4. Sprout might as well call its “Kindest Kid” award the “Cutest Kid” award. Emma, 7, was honored by the network for helping start an organization that sends presents to siblings of children who are terminally ill.

“The siblings like me, they need happiness like everybody else,” she told Willie.

Video: TODAY’s Willie Geist talks to 7-year-old Emma Locke, who beat out 650 other children in the Sprout Network’s ”kindest kid contest,” after helping start an organization that sends customized toy boxes to siblings of children fighting terminal illnesses.

5. Prince Harry and crew, along with wounded veterans, returned home from their South Pole trek, receiving heroes’ welcome.

Video: The prince and the team of wounded veterans, who fought dangerous weather while on an Antarctic trek for charity, have returned home.