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TODAY's Takeaway: Fallon talks baby, Hoda gets birthday serenade

Aug. 9, 2013 at 2:06 PM ET

From Fallon to Flo Rida, Friday was full of big moments for TODAY.
From Fallon to Flo Rida, Friday was full of big moments for TODAY.

Friday was full of surprises on TODAY, from Jimmy Fallon's emotional-then-hysterical interview to Kathie Lee's latest musical performance. In case you missed it:

1. In an interview with Savannah that aired this morning, Jimmy Fallon revealed that he and his wife used a surrogate to have their first child, Winnie Rose.

The “Late Night” host gushed over their little bundle of joy: “She’s the coolest – the best thing to ever happen to me.”

Video: Funnyman and “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon tells TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie that he and his wife used a surrogate to give birth to their baby girl, Winnie, after trying for quite some time to have a child.

2. Jimmy and Savannah then played a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie." Maybe no one warned him about Savannah’s clumsiness?

When he visited the plaza on Friday morning (pie in hand), Jimmy took the opportunity to tease her about her spill. “That fall was one of the funniest things," he laughed. "I’m so happy [the cameramen] kept rolling."

Video: “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon had a little fun with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie when they played the messy game “Rock paper scissors pie.” She took a cream pie right in the face and, in true Savannah style, slipped and fell.

3. The parents of “Baby Veronica” visited TODAY to talk about the adoption battle that has the country divided. Melanie and Matt Capobianco were awarded custody of their 3-year-old adoptive daughter by the courts, but they’re still waiting to get her back from her birth father.

“Nobody showed” to turn her over when they were supposed to, the couple told Savannah.

Video: Melanie and Matt Capobianco, a South Carolina couple who have been awarded custody of a 3-year-old girl they adopted but then had to turn over to the child’s biological father, tell TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie they hope there is no trauma getting the little girl back after 18 months.

4. It’s Hoda’s birthday! To celebrate the big event, Kathie Lee serenaded her Fourth Hour partner in crime with a little ditty: “I want to Hoda on your Kotb.” (Yea, yea!)

Video: TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford composed a special birthday song for Hoda and recorded a video that includes cameos from Matt, Savannah, Al and Carson Daly. The song is a serenade to the “Egyptian Goddess” with the refrain “I want to Hoda on your Kotb.”

5. Flo Rida rocked a rainy TODAY plaza with sparkly bling — including a golden Jesus head necklace (he puts God first!) – and four songs: "Wild Ones," "Can't Believe It," "Whistle" and "I Cry."

Video: “Wild Ones” has sold more than 13 million singles in the United States alone, and Flo Rida turns Rockefeller Plaza into one big dance party as he performs the catchy hit.

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