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TODAY's Takeaway: Carson takes a 'groupie' pic; fans follow along with Fresh Cooks Live

March 24, 2014 at 4:29 PM ET

The anchors smile for a groupie, Corbin Crawford recalls his ordeal and Laura Vitale leads a cookalong.
The anchors smile for a groupie, Corbin Crawford recalls his ordeal and Laura Vitale leads a cookalong.

1. This morning was full of delectable spring dishes thanks to rising food star Laura Vitale. The “Laura in the Kitchen” host joined Carson to launch our Fresh Cooks Live: TODAY’s Spring Cookalong series, demoing her recipes live on

On the menu: risotto primavera, vegetable and mozzarella salad and blueberry turnovers.

Video: In TODAY’s new series “Fresh Cooks Live,” popular YouTube cook Laura Vitale teaches Carson Daly how to make a delicious, spring-inspired risotto primavera, as well as raw vegetable salad.

2. When Barbara Crawford got the news at work that her two boys were stranded on an ice sheet last week, she was “petrified.”

“[I] got in my car as soon as I could,” Barbara Crawford told Savannah, of the incident in which her sons were stuck for nearly an hour before firefighters rescued them. “It seemed like eternity before I got there, but it was probably between five and 10 minutes, honestly.”

Video: Brothers Dylan and Corbin Crawford, along with their mom, appear live on TODAY to talk about their terrifying experience while trapped in an ice floe on the Des Moines River.

3. Kim and Kanye’s Vogue cover has drawn a ton of criticism, but Al doesn’t get why exactly.

“I don’t quite understand this controversy,” he joked — referring to his and Willie’s spoof of the magazine. “This is a gorgeous cover.”

Video: In TODAY’s Take, Willie Geist, Al Roker and Tamron Hall discuss the backlash over the Vogue over featuring Kim Kardashian and her fiancé, Kanye West. “I don’t quite understand this controversy,” says Al. “This is a gorgeous cover.” Al and Willie reveal their own version of the cover.

4. “Blacklist” star Ryan Eggold revealed an embarrassing secret during TODAY's Take — thanks to some intense interrogating by Al.

Video: Ryan Eggold joins TODAY to chat about his role on NBC’s hit drama “The Blacklist,” and reveals that he can’t whistle.

5. Natalie’s leading TODAY’s NCAA bracket battle. How does yours stack up? 

6. In honor of the wave of "groupies" sweeping the Web — from Ellen's at the Oscars, to Jimmy Kimmel's with the Clintons — Carson got a new toy for the Orange Room: a selfie stick.

The stick allows the user to hold the camera camera further away, offering more range than the average selfie. Naturally, Carson and the rest of the TODAY team decided to take the selfie stick out for a test run, resulting in this glorious group shot:
Carson showed off the results of a 'groupie' selfie shot.

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