TODAY's Life Illustrated meets your brothers and sisters

Feb. 16, 2012 at 11:37 AM ET

By Chiara Sottile, Weekend TODAY

For this edition of TODAY's Life Illustrated, we got a privileged peek into your family photo albums. Just as all siblings have days of rivalry and days of camaraderie, the photos we received this week documented brothers and sisters in both unmistakable moods. Thank you for sharing how you torment and treasure each other.

Summer fun - just the boys

"These photos are of my twin boys Bryan and Jackson Brown. They are loads of fun!!" - Sonya Taylor

Camping cry

"A family camping trip in August of 2010. My daughter Schyler (7) loves anything gross. Bugs, fish, snakes, and in this case, a frog. My daughter Juliana (4) doesn't feel the same way. Obviously. This is one of our all time favorite photos. We weren't sure what she would do, her reaction was even more than we expected." - Nicole Caringi

Jones family

"My daughter surrounded by her big and little brothers. They love her, protect her, and drive her crazy!" - Jill Jones

"The Midlife Gals"

"Of course, anything SHE can do, I can do better... until she gets angry!" - Kelly and Sally Jackson

Running together

"Twins and best friends." - Kara Stovall

A sweet moment

"I took my daughter Erica and son Cole to the Brevard (Melbourne, FL) zoo and caught this priceless, 'sweet' moment of sharing between siblings!" - Kelli Turner

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Chiara Sottile is a news associate at Weekend TODAY and a multimedia journalist.

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