TODAY'S Life Illustrated: Around the world

Aug. 1, 2012 at 5:36 PM ET

By Chelsea Damberg, Weekend TODAY

The Olympics provide every nation a colorful opportunity to showcase their best and brightest. As we watch athletes from across the globe represent their respective countries and witness the pride as these champions sing their national anthems, we are reminded that the Games not only celebrate our cultural differences, but unite us as a world.

After witnessing the pageantry of the London Olympics, what countries are you most interested in visiting? This edition of TODAY’s Life Illustrated features TODAY viewers exploring diverse cultures and exotic destinations around the world. Take a look at these photographs and perhaps you’ll be inspired to plan a global voyage of your own. 

Glenn Losack /

"The man and the Camel"-Glenn Losak

Carolyn Edmonds /
Pretty Peru

"Hiking a side trail on Machu Picchu"-Carolyn Edmonds

Kelly Gast /

"Sunset and sunrise in Iceland - all pretty much the same time during the winter in Iceland."-Kelly Gast

Stephanie Morton /
Sukhothai, Thailand

Having fun in Sukhothai, Thailand.  

Jackie Farrow /
Almyros, Greece

"A small traditional Greek cafe on an ordinary afternoon, where people usually gather to drink coffee, play cards and discuss politics"-Jackie Farrow


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Chelsea Damberg is a production assistant at Weekend TODAY and has never traveled beyond North and Central America, but is definitely up for a trip ... as long as Ryan Lochte joins her.