TODAY anchors put to the presidential (eyebrow) test

Oct. 3, 2012 at 8:45 AM ET

Updated on Oct. 5: Natalie has the best eyebrows among TODAY's female anchors, according to viewers. 

Do you agree? It's not too late to vote in our polls. Check out the anchors' features below and select your favorites.

Updated on Oct. 4: President Lester Holt? He's got a chance, if his brows are any indication. found that the presidential candidate with the best-groomed eyebrows has won seven of the past eight elections.

TODAY put our male anchors to the test, asking viewers to vote on whose brows are most presidential. And Lester won by a landslide.

"If nominated, I will not run. And if elected, I will not serve," said Lester, who just came back from reporting in Afghanistan. "All the soldiers were talking about this." 

Now it's the ladies' turn! Compare their looks and vote below.



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Original post from Oct. 3: Break out the tweezers, Barack and Mitt. 

The candidate with the best-groomed eyebrows has won seven of the past eight elections, found.

It's called The Eyebrow Index, and this year the blog's editors say President Obama has the edge. 

GOP candidate Mitt Romney has "eyebrows of mass destruction," their editors wrote. "Mr. Romney needs to do some tidying of those caterpillars to grab an edge."

The editors take into account several criteria, including flyaway hairs, semblance of a unibrow, shape, girth and hair colors. They say their only error was predicting that 2000 Democratic candidate Al Gore would beat President George W. Bush.

That's not to say Obama has an ideal look. "His re-election campaign shouldn't look so grey," wrote. "While coloring his entire head would be a bit too noticeable and drastic, we recommend some strategic ‘grey blending’ to re-emphasize the president’s ability to handle pressure."

Which of TODAY's male anchors has the best chance at becoming president (according to their brows)?

Compare their looks and then vote below. 

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