TODAY anchors get a cartoon makeover

Feb. 19, 2013 at 8:52 AM ET

A new app taking smartphones by storm is making it easy to become a cartoon. The app, called iMadeFace, allows users to create caricature versions of anyone they want, from themselves to friends and even celebrities.

Users start by entering details about the face they want to illustrate, from a person's gender all the way down to his or her type of jawline. In addition to offering several options for various facial features, the app also lets you add accessories to the face, from realistic options like glasses to stranger items such as gas masks and panda hats.

iMadeFace is currently one of the "Top Free Apps" on iTunes and, as of now, is only available on the iPhone. took a swing at creating iMadeFace look-alikes for the TODAY anchors. Who do you think looks most like their cartoon doppelganger?

iMadeFace, Getty Images /
Think the app nailed Al Roker's glasses?
iMadeFace, Getty Images /
Savannah Guthrie's cartoon shared her shade of red lipstick.
iMadeFace, NBC News /
Matt Lauer's cartoon doppelganger.
iMadeFace, NBC News /
Natalie Morales' doppelganger shares a nearly identical hairstyle.
iMadeFace, AP file /
It may look like him, but can David Gregory's doppelganger bust a move like our 'Meet the Press' host?
iMadeFace, NBCNews /
What do you think of Willie Geist's cartoon twin?
iMadeFace, Getty Images /
The cartoon Tamron Hall vs. the real version.
iMadeFace, Getty Images file /
Does Sunny look like her cartoon look-alike?

Send us your iMadeFace look-alike using the hashtag #TODAYMadeFace and we may display the best ones on!

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