Think you know Savannah Guthrie? 7 top TODAY moments

July 9, 2012 at 6:56 AM ET


Savannah started co-hosting the third hour of TODAY in June 2011, but how well do you know her?

In honor of her first day as co-anchor, here are’s 7 favorite Savannah moments, listed in no particular order.

1) A day with Hillary Clinton

The secretary of state reflects on two decades in the spotlight, telling Savannah she’s looking forward to leaving the “public consciousness.”

2) Dr. Conrad Murray to Savannah: King of Pop was 'desperate'

Michael Jackson’s doctor, who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter, tells Savannah that the King of Pop lied to him about his medical history and remained distressed in his final hours.

3) Confronting one of her biggest fears

TODAY was transformed into a county fair in August 2011. The plaza was packed with games, food and – unfortunately for Savannah – frogs. TODAY's new co-anchor isn't too fond of the amphibians, and Matt used the opportunity to tease her all morning.

4) Weighing in on the Casey Anthony verdict

Savannah, NBC News' chief legal correspondent, put her Georgetown University law degree to good use during the Casey Anthony trial. In the video below, she analyzed the verdict after Anthony was acquitted of murder.

5) Matt, Al tease Savannah over 'Glee' music choice

Our new co-anchor experienced one of the joys of live TV in December: Hearing her iPhone ring seconds before air. She almost got away with it, but Matt and Al had other plans, revealing that the ringtone was a tune from "Glee." Nearly three weeks later, Savannah caved to online pressure: The song was "All By Myself," she admitted.

6) Striking back at Matt (and his plaid jacket)

Matt probably didn't expect that one of his suit jackets would ever become an Internet hit, but all that changed when Savannah created the Twitter account @MattPlaidJacket. The jokes were flying within minutes.

7) Hopping aboard the karaoke cab

Savannah joined her former "Daily Rundown" co-host Chuck Todd for a spin around our nation’s capital, even taking some time to belt out a hit or two.

What's your favorite Savannah moment? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to follow TODAY's new co-anchor on Facebook and Twitter.

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