Tamron razzes Lester for calling Erica 'girlfriend'

When Lester Holt compliments Erica Hill’s cooking skills by saying “Girlfriend made a killer mac-and-cheese last weekend,” Tamron Hall...

'Jamaican' me tired! Lester tries Jenna's island workout

Lester and I solidified our bond recently with some shared blood, sweat and, yes, even some tears. We continued our annual tradition of...

Lester plays at famous honky tonk bar

Lester Holt, an amateur musician with a passion for all types of music, jams at the world-famous Tootsies in Nashville, Tenn. More on...

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Look back at the best of TODAY's weekend shows in 2011

Lester Holt, Amy Robach and Jenna Wolfe relive their adventures holding down the weekends on TODAY in 2011. They also highlighted two of...

Weekend TODAY team keeps up with Kardashians for Halloween

The weekend TODAY team celebrated Halloween a bit early this year with a Kardashian red-carpet affair – hosted by the one and only...

Lester, Amy and Jenna hunt ghosts in haunted prison

We all love a good ghost story this time of year. Our brave anchors decided to star in their own this weekend. Lester, Amy and Jenna went...

Weekend TODAY team shares their favorite horror movies

With Halloween fast approaching, our weekend TODAY anchors shared the movies that keep them up at night. Lester said he loves the scene...

Lester Holt 'grinning ear to ear' over tribute song

Lester has had a great September! Not only was he named the principal anchor of "Dateline NBC"; he's also the star of a new amusing song...

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Lester, Amy and Jenna go to survival school

Lester Holt, Amy Robach and Jenna Wolfe are used to their city lifestyles. But can they survive the Utah wilderness without any of the...

Lester Holt rocks out at Grand Ole Opry

NBC's Lester Holt jammed on the bass guitar Tuesday night at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville with country music star Luke Bryan.

Cardio and complaining: Lester and Jenna hit the gym

Can TODAY's Lester Holt handle a training routine designed and run by fitness enthusiast Jenna Wolfe? Check out the video below. 

Al, Lester and Jenna remember Haiti

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TODAY anchors tell of favorite gifts to get

Al Roker, Lester Holt and Amy Robach's favorite gifts include kitchen gadgets, babysitting services and a scrapbook.

TODAY anchors reveal favorite gifts to give

Al Roker, Jenna Wolfe, Lester Holt and Amy Robach tell about the gifts they like to give, including food and wine.

TODAY anchors' Christmas traditions

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