From singing to oversharing, 5 ways Natalie Morales was fearless in 2013

Dec. 27, 2013 at 12:31 PM ET

Whether it was getting (much-needed) singing lessons from a legend, relating a cringe-worthy story of older-sibling torture or chowing down on a grasshopper, Natalie Morales brought her unique mix of fearlessness and fun to TODAY viewers in 2013. She even dug deep into the archives, mining some embarrassing family moments for laughs with her TODAY family.

Check out five of our favorite Natalie moments from this year below. We've compiled hilarious highlights for Matt, Savannah, Willie and Al, too!

Video: Though she isn’t known for pitch-perfect vocalizing, TODAY’s Natalie Morales just couldn’t stop singing this week, and so Liza Minnelli decided to help her out with some coaching tips to get her voice in tip-top shape.

Video: Natalie shared a sibling horror story: Her older sister Patricia made her drink pee, claiming it was lemonade.

Video: Natalie’s sister called into TODAY to discuss the time she made her sister drink pee when they were kids after what Natalie described as a “brawl.”

Video: TODAY’s Willie Geist tries to teach Natalie Morales the art of driving a stick-shift, choosing a large Jeep to train her on. The results are… interesting.

Video: The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day, including a new study that found that more relationships than ever are beginning online and that online couples report slightly more marital satisfaction than couples who met offline.

Video: The anchors, along with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, talk about the hot topics of the day, including the United Nations’ recent report encouraging people to eat insects to fight global hunger, which inspires them to sample tacos filled with grasshoppers.