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Ricky Schroder: I'd be open to a 'Silver Spoons' reunion

March 5, 2013 at 7:27 PM ET

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From child actor to director, Ricky Schroder is as now as comfortable behind the camera as in front.

Ricky Schroder says he is one of the lucky ones. The actor/director had a relatively smooth transition from child star to an adult in the entertainment industry, but said his path isn't one he'd recommend to everyone.

It's a question the "Silver Spoons" star now faces as his own daughter prepares to enter the acting world, and while he successfully transitioned from "Silver Spoons" to "NYPD Blue" and varying roles behind the camera, he believes that success is all too rare.

"Don't start as a child, that would be my advice," Schroder said. "If you really want a chance at a career, the more life experience you have, the older you begin, the better ... The odds of success of a 6-year-old child to a 26-year-old actor, it's pretty close to nil."

For those reasons, he's kept his daughter Cambrie, 16, from acting until now. But his daughter's debut comes this Saturday, as she stars alongside her dad in "Our Wild Hearts," a Hallmark movie written and directed by Schroder.

Perhaps it was the time spent with his family that helped introduce him to the world of social media. Schroder started a Twitter account last month and said it has opened up a new medium in which he can communicate with his fans.

But there's one tweet "Silver Spoons" fans are waiting for in particular – an announcement for a reunion of any kind. Schroder said he hasn't ruled out the possibility.

"Absolutely, I'd be open to a reunion. It might be a little weird, me riding on a train in the living room now," Schroder said. "I'm trying to think of what the concept would be. Maybe Edward's toy factory has gone out of business and he's living in the old mansion full of cobwebs."

Schroder said if everyone were on board, he'd be open to writing or directing a reunion episode.

"We could try to put together something that could be kind of fun," Shcroder said. "Now that I think about (a reunion), my creative juices are flowing."

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