Prom pics past: TODAY anchors and viewers share their awkward and awesome

Producers surprised Tamron on Wednesday during TODAY's Take by revealing her prom photo for all to see. After the laughs subsided, Tamron offered a little background.

"That is my best friend Tyson and the contraption my mother hooked me in," she told Natalie and Al.

Tamron's prom dress TODAY

Willie was off Wednesday, so he missed out on the fun. Luckily we saved his prom photo for a rainy (or a beautiful April) day!

Willie with his prom date (and now wife!) Christina. TODAY
Willie with his prom date (and now wife!) Christina.

Also in the archives: Matt Lauer's.

Matt in a snazzy white tux at his prom. Matt Lauer / TODAY
Matt in a snazzy white tux at his prom.

And Natalie was more than willing to share hers.

Natalie's all dressed up for prom. Natalie Morales / TODAY
Natalie's all dressed up for prom.

The anchors' throwback photos inspired us to ask TODAY viewers: Do you have an awkward or awesome prom picture?

The response, as you'll see, was fantastic:

Carrie Weston Lenzen: My date and I switched clothes at prom in 1981 for a picture!

Carrie Weston Lenzen / Facebook Carrie Weston Lenzen / Facebook

Trisha Mohl: I went with my neighbor Brian. My mom took me to her hairdresser. I think when she heard "prom," she was thinking of her prom in 1955 and gave me a bouffant! This was 1985. Horrible!

Trisha Mohl / Facebook Trisha Mohl / Facebook

Meredith Eades: So bad. So embarrassed.

Meredith Eades / Facebook Meredith Eades / Facebook

Wendy Heinrich Thiel: My dress took up half the room!!! 

Wendy Heinrich / Facebook Wendy Heinrich / Facebook

Fran Nelson: 1986 when Royal blue and frizzy hair was all the rave! AquaNet was my middle name:)

Fran Nelson / Facebook Fran Nelson / Facebook

Theresa Smith-Stamper: Prom 1985. Celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary in July.

Theresa Smith-Stamper / Facebook Theresa Smith-Stamper / Facebook

Michelle Ritchie Haddox: 1987!

Michelle Ritchie Haddox / Facebook Michelle Ritchie Haddox / Facebook

Sherri Mednick Gordon Gendelman: My husband and I at our senior prom 1974. I wore pants because I couldn't find a dress I liked.

Sherri Mednick Gordon Gendelman / Facebook Sherri Mednick Gordon Gendelman / Facebook

Do you have a wonderful prom picture to share? Upload it on TODAY's Facebook page!

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