Natalie: How Willie Geist changed my life in 1 year

Tuesday marks Willie Geist's 1-year anniversary as a TODAY anchor. Here's how he's changed Natalie Morales' life since he arrived at the anchors' desk:

Willie and Natalie TODAY

For better or for worse ...

Willie taught me to somewhat "drive" a stick, and we had some fun times nearly taking out the security guard gate at CNBC. 

Willie is like the younger brother I never had who manages to pick on me and needle me in a sweet way that always makes me laugh. 

I think if there is one moment that epitomizes the "essence" of Willie, it was his persistence in tackling the giant wall of our Tough Mudder on the Plaza

Always one to have a sense of humor and grit, Willie saw it as the challenge he had to conquer. And even if it took him seven tries and a nasty gash on his knee, there is no mountain he can't seem to climb. 

Just another normal day for Willie on TODAY's Take. TODAY
Just another normal day for Willie on TODAY's Take.

Willie has brought us lots of laughs on TODAY's Take and we look forward to so many, many more. 

Willie Geist

Way Too Early with Willie Geist

The host of msnbc's "Morning Joe" and "Way Too Early" became co-anchor of the 9 a.m. hour of TODAY.


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