Mosquitoes 1 - Kerry Sanders 0: Kerry in good spirits after 300-plus bug bites

Thursday morning, Kerry Sanders gave blood for the sake of TODAY — literally. But despite having his right arm turned into a Thanksgiving feast, Kerry isn't letting it hold him down. He woke up bright and early, ready to report (as usual). 

While testing a new mosquito app that claims to emit a frequency that repels mosquitoes, Kerry put his arm into a cage full of the bloodsuckers, only to find the app seemed rather ineffective. 

Moments later, Kerry revealed the damage, showing off an arm full of bites.


After the segment, viewers expressed their concern that Kerry could have been exposed to diseases transmitted by the insects.

"Because I was in a lab, and these were born and bred in a lab, there was no West Nile, there was no chikungunya, there was no encephalitis. I was safe there," Kerry explained.

We've been asking you to help our itchy correspondent by submitting your home remedies for mosquito bites to Facebook and Twitter using #OrangeRoom — and they've been helpful, to say the least. 

Kerry tried a few of your suggestions on the show, from meat tenderizer to onion.

"What, are you making a sandwich?" Al joked while Carson lathered Kerry up with items usually seen in a kitchen.

However, Kerry ultimately took the advice of a friend who told him to "kill this buzz with another buzz," as he broke out a pair of mojitos. 



The thing is, this isn't the first (or maybe even the craziest) thing Kerry has done in the name of news on TODAY. Check out some of our favorite crazy Kerry moments below.

Swimming with sharks? Check.

Sanders didn't back down from frigid waters when he took the "polar plunge" at the North Pole.

During TODAY's "Where in the World" series, Sanders followed in the footsteps of 007, paragliding from the top of a mounting in Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.

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From Switzerland with love! You can be Bond

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From Switzerland with love! You can be Bond

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Sanders even wrestled a gator while covering a new Animal Planet reality show, "Gator Boys."

Bulls were no match for Sanders as he participated in his own miniature "Running of the Bulls" while covering a story about the event coming to 10 U.S. cities.

And while a rhino may have been able to knock him off his feet, it couldn't keep Sanders down.