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Move over, Miley! Watch Robin Thicke's wife twerk with Al Roker

Sep. 18, 2013 at 12:45 PM ET

Paula Patton's TODAY segment on Wednesday morning started innocently enough with a chat about her upcoming rom-com "Baggage Claim." But things quickly veered off course when Miley's now-infamous twerking at the VMA's with Patton's husband, Robin Thicke, became the topic of conversation.

For the record, Patton was totally cool with it. 

"I'm not that uptight. I'm not a traditionalist," she said. "Twerking can help the love." 


While Patton admitted Cyrus twerks "way better than I do," she confidently added, "I do it well enough." That's when Al suggested they twerk together, and, well, after a little nervous laughter, Patton took him up on the challenge. 

"Your wife's not going to get mad at me, is she?" Patton chuckled after doing a little grind. "I backed it up on Al!"

Some viewers loved it, others thought it was a bit, erm, awkward. 

Take a look at some of the social media chatter:

Video: Actress Paula Patton joins the TODAY anchors to talk about her new romantic comedy, “Baggage Claim,” and weigh in on the controversy that ensued after Miley Cyrus’ notorious MTV VMA performance with Patton’s husband, Robin Thicke.